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Roof De-Mossing

IslandCLEAN provides two options to homeowners looking to have their roofs cleaned.

Our "Complete Treatment" service combines a careful, non-invasive, and thorough manual moss removal with a full moss deterrent application, followed by a detailed clean up. This option delivers instant results, leaving your roof clean and renewed, right away.

Our "Complete Treatment" is protected by a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: if moss grows back anywhere on your roof within 2 years, we will return and treat the area at no cost.

Our Spray Treatment option provides homeowners with a less-expensive alternative with guaranteed (although less-immediate) results. Your roof is treated with our highly effective, safe and eco-friendly moss deterrent, which will kill moss, lichen, mildew and algae. This is not a moss removal service; we do not guarantee that the moss will fall off the roof. It is purely meant to kill the moss and prevent new growth from spreading to the rest of the roof. If you would like the moss removed immediately, please request our "Complete treatment."

Our Spray Treatment is protected by a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE: we will return and treat any areas where moss grows back within a year of your initial service, at no cost.

Safety is our number one priority. Our roof de-mossing services are carried out by experienced and well-trained technicians. While performing your service our staff will be tied into a fall arrest system which will allow them to safely and carefully navigate your roof.

Both of our treatment options are performed with care, to maximize the longevity of your roof. Please contact us or fill out our freeESTIMATE for a no obligation quote.


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- Mr. F.
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- Mr. & Mrs. D.H.